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May 17

Bay State Games

Posted by Lax50Mass in Untagged 


I would like to inform all of you lacrosse players of a great opportunity this summer approaching quickly! The Bay State Games is an Olympic style athletic competition and features 7,000 athletes competing in various sports, one of which is lacrosse. It is a statewide tournament in Massachusetts, where any male or female lacrosse player is eligible as long as they are a full time resident of Massachusetts and in the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade as of the 2012-2013 academic year. 

This is a great way to show of your skills and prepare for the upcoming season for your high school! Please check out link if interested!

Feb 27

STX surgeon, thoughts?

Posted by corelax in Untagged 

Feb 03

Jr B Box Lacrosse Tryouts Starting near Algonac Michigan

Posted by Nantais in Untagged 


Looking for Michigan Lacrosse players born between 1997 & 1991 looking to play elite Box Lacrosse in Ontario Jr B Box lacrosse league. 

Our Season Runs from April until June. 

Here in Wallaceburg we have a lacrosse system of about 250 players and we see players go pro or get drafted or land college scholarships every year.

Let us know if you think your cut out for Ontario Jr B Box lacrosse


Jan 13

Managing multiple penalties in the box - with an iPhone

Posted by jameswlucas in Untagged 


I coached a High School game a couple of years ago where we had middle school officials. Unfortunately,  the calls were a little out of touch with the level of play and we ended up with 6 guys in the penalty box at one time - 4 for the other guys and 2 for us.  Thank goodness we were able to score a goal and release all the penalties.  I always wondered how I'd manage all those penalties if I was the timer.

Good news!   I just downloaded the "Keepscore" Application for the iPhone.  For 99 cents it's pretty good.

With a little practice you can have one person keep score AND run the clock including penalties.  It can handle up to 4 penalties per team simultaniously and you can select non-releasable/releasable.  It does a 10 second audible countdown for each player by number.   

Only downside I've come across is that for Club tournaments, where they typically assess penalites for 45 or 90 seconds, the keepscore app only does 30, 60 and  1,2,3 minutes. 

May 16

Looking for new Warrior Amonte

Posted by Bezfam in Untagged 


Looking for new Warrior Amonte (Not Brine) White or Black

Pleae contact us if you still are selling these

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Jul 24

USA wins 2010 FIL World Lacrosse Championships

Posted by Laxman in World Championship , USA , Manchester , FIL , Canada , 2010

Laxman wants to congratulate Team USA in winning the FIL Men's World Lacrosse Championship for 2010 by a score of 12-10.

The game was an epic battle that was extremely fun to watch. Ultimately it seemed that the speed of the US prevailed against the apparently larger more physical Canadians.

Ir was a terrific game to watch for those who were lucky enough to be there in Manchester England, or who watched on ESPU in the US.

Unfortunately, the overall tournament was slightly tainted by the politics surrounding the very talented Iroquois Nations team not participating due to Passport issues.  Although they could have participated with US or Canadian passports, SimplyLacrosse supports their decision not to participate in protest of their paperwork/passports being rejected. It is truly unfortunate, because the world of Lacrosse, and the event was not better off for their absence.

This was the first effort of the Newly merged Mens and Womens International Organization the Federations of International Lacrosse (FIL).
I think that it was very good for Lacrosse, and I look forward to the 2014 Mens championships in Denver Colorado.

Four years is too long too wait. See ya then.

Jul 21

Midwest Lacrosse Conference

Posted by Adam Edg in Untagged 

Adam Edg


On the heels of learning about Augustana, Aurora, and Lindenwood's move to NCAA lax, I was informed of a lacrosse specific NCAA Division 3 conference in our region. The Midwest Lacrosse Conference launched this past (2010) season. Its ten schools are located in Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. The conference will have an automatic berth to the NCAA Championship tournament beginning with the 2011-12 season, which is Aurora's first.
With many of its teams near Iowa, this Division 3 conference offers attractive NCAA lacrosse opportunities to current and future players in the state. By and large, these teams will be scouting the stronger leagues in Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin over the newer leagues in Kansas and Nebraska. However, I believe that as the programs look to build stronger teams they will begin to look more closely at our league. Given the fact that game games typically feature at least three teams playing at least two games each in one location, this makes an attractive situation for scouts and coaches. The trick is in getting a team representative to attend the games...
As the schedule and Valley team come together next season, arranging a scouting trip is something that may be considered. Game film is another option that should be pursued by any player looking to play lax at an NCAA institution. But that is not an immediate concern. Unlike MCLA teams, NCAA roster spots are limited and making the team is a competitive endeavor.
Players interested in playing for an NCAA program would be wise to start by looking at these regional schools. In addition to learning about the lacrosse team, academics should be considered. Be sure to pay attention to the majors offered, the expected course loads, and the admission requirements. Weigh that information against your life and career goals. Most have a very limited curriculum compared to a state university. This is a process that you will want to begin before your junior year of high school.
Also look at the housing and cost of attending the school. Most schools of this size are private institutions and can be rather expensive. In many cases the costs can be very prohibitive. Division 3 schools do not offer athletic scholarships. They do offer academic scholarships though.
Here is a list of the member schools:

Institution - Location - Team Name - Affiliation - Enrollment
Adrian College - Adrian, Mich - Bulldogs - Private/Methodist - 1,400
Albion College - Albion, Mich - Britons - Private/Methodist - 1,805
Aurora University - Aurora, Ill - Spartans - Private/Non-sectarian - 1,685
Carthage College - Kenosha, Wisc - Red Men - Private/Lutheran - 2,188
Concordia University Wisconsin - Mequon, Wisc - Falcons - Private/Lutheran - 1,608
Fontbonne University - St. Louis, Missouri - Griffins - Private/Catholic - 2,924
Hanover College - Hanover, Indiana - Panthers - Private/Presbyterian - 975
Milwaukee School of Engineering - Milwaukee, Wisc - Raiders - Private - 1,929
College of Mount St. Joseph - Cincinnati, Ohio - Lions - Private/Catholic - 1,334
Trine University - Angola, Indiana - Thunder - Private/Non-sectarian - 1,111

Jul 20

Responding to Survey Results Showing Sportsmanship is on the Decline, Champion teams with US Lacrosse and Other Organizations to Restore Sports Greatest Values

Posted by Champion athleticwear in Untagged 

Champion athleticwear

Disclaimer: The author of this post represents Champion Athleticwear.


It’s apparent to anyone that follows modern sports - whether intensely or casually – that the priorities of many athletes have changed over the years. Growing up, many of us were taught that sportsmanship, integrity and respect for the game were the most important things in sports. Winning and losing were the byproducts of competing, a secondary concern.


Just looking at examples from recent weeks though, it appears naïve to think that winning hasn’t become the top priority for the majority of pro athletes. The biggest sporting event in the entire world this summer, the World Cup, was filled with sportsmanship issues: controversial and unsportsmanlike plays, the unwillingness of the Brazilian team to shake hands with the Dutch following a quarterfinal loss and then the Dutch themselves playing an overly aggressive game in the Championship, leading to a record number of yellow cards.


It appears many of the ideals preached to young athletes are no longer fully practiced at the highest level of sport. Why is this such a problem? Because the exhilaration of winning has, at times, replaced the exhilaration of playing for the simple love of the game.


A survey conducted by Champion and NAYS (the National Alliance for Youth Sports) reveals a growing sentiment that winning has overtaken fair play and sportsmanship. A few key stats from the survey include: 73% of respondents indicated their athletic peers believe it’s cheating only if they’re caught, 79% say showing good sportsmanship doesn’t seem to be as important to athletes as it used to be and 81% agree that athletes today would rather win the game than play completely fairly.


Lacrosse, unfortunately, isn’t immune. Slashes aimed just beyond the reach of pads and blindside hits with no regard for safety of opposing players aren’t new to the game, but continue to demonstrate issues with players respecting each other and the game at the higher levels of the sport. Like other youth sports, young lacrosse players can get caught up in a world where winning is prioritized over good sportsmanship and fair play.  With the world championship going on now, it’s a great time to encourage a sportsmanship renaissance in lacrosse and all sports.


You can help by submitting to the Athletes’ Creed at where partners, such as Steve Stenersen of US Lacrosse, have submitted a set of athletic principles they think should be of utmost importance, particularly amongst amateur athletes. You can vote on these principles as well as submit your own at through August 6th.


The problems in modern sports are certainly troubling, but they’re hardly incurable. Please check out the Athletes’ Creed and get involved. Be a part of a new generation of athletes that refuses to be defined by wins and losses.


Jul 08

Looking to play

Posted by Jaeho80 in Untagged 


I'm new at Lacrosse and I am looking for a beginner league or club to play. Anyone have any information, please contact me.

May 31

Congratulations for an awesome 2010 Lacrosse season!

Posted by Laxman in 2010 Lacrosse tournaments


I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed all of the 2010 Lacrosse Tournament action, and there was some truly exceptional lacrosse played. There were as always some very interesting upsets, and the tournaments were great. I am very proud to be a lacrosse fan. All the teams, families, and fans that participated should be proud too.

I just wanted to send out a thank you to everyone who visits and supports this website. It was a phenomenal season and the continues to grow off the charts in terms of traffic.  I thank you all for that. Congrats to this weekends NCAA tournament winners Duke on the mens side in a terrific OT win over Notre Dame, and Maryland ended North Westerns Streak on the womens side in another very entertaining  game.

Congrats as well to the MCLA tourney winners Michigan in D1 and St Thomas in D2. The MCLA tournament in Colorado was also fantastic. The MCLA universities and alumni and families should be very proud of your teams as well. Nicely done! 

In the WDIA Womans Division Intercollegiate Associates Colorado St D1 and UC Berkley D2 won the womens tournaments.

In the NCLL congratulations are in order for Salisbury and Cortland who won their respective division titles.

I am looking forward to the MLL cranking up, This summers FIL world championships, and the many summer camps and tournaments. Make sure you all get your tournaments listed here at the home of youth and high school Lacrosse 

Thanks to all, nicely done!

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