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Lacrosse Photo Contest #6 ends 12-31-09

Lacrosse Photo Contest #6 ends 12-31-09

SimplyLacrosse Photo Contest #6

We are looking for good quality Lacrosse photographs. We want men, women, children, field, and box. We will will post winning images on our web site on very popular pages for each category. We will also post second place entries for each category as well.

We are looking for ALL categories:


Womens/Girls Lacrosse

College Lacrosse

High school




We will select one winning photograph from each category and publish it on the corresponding page. We will publish the best of those on the home page as the SimplyLacrosse winning PHOTO! All photos will be posted with the team Information

Contest Rules

1. Entry requests must be received by Dec 31st, 2009 to qualify.

2. Entries will be judged by simplylacrosse.com We will simply choose those photos that we like for whatever reason we choose.

3. This is a for fun contest. If you cannot lose with dignity please do not enter. There is no crying in lacrosse!

4. Entries must be owned, and have been taken by you, and their appearance on this site must not violate any copyright laws or publicity rules.

5. The submission to this site must be original (not copied), in good taste, legal, non-defamatory, non-threatening, non-confidential, non-infringing of copyrights owned by others and relevant for this site.

6. You are exclusively liable and responsible for any entries that you submit. Please just enter your own photographs taken by you!

7. You certify that all photos are your property and were taken by you.

8. Photo's can be cropped, but we ask for no manipulation of the photo.

9. We may at our discretion edit out things like sponsor names, etc..

10. By submitting your photos you agree to grant an unconditional copyright to SimplyLacrosse.com You grant us complete irrevocable permission to use and or publish all images on our site and in our marketing materials as dictated by us.

11. We ask that you do not enter these photos in other contests during the duration of this contest, so that we may claim these photos to be exclusive to this contest.

12. There is no monetary award for winners. Winning photographs will be published on the site for a minimum of 3 months, but may be published longer at the discretion of simplylacrosse.com

13. Simplylacrosse.com reserves the right to reject or edit or delete any parts that violate the above, including the right to ban offenders from submitting again.

14. By posting your photos on this thread you do hereby certify that you have the right to submit the photo are submitting. Your submission signifies agreement to the above and that you further agree to grant an exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual license to publicly display your submission on this Website only. You also grant simplylacrosse.com the right to pursue anyone who copies your submission.

By submitting your photo here you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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Re: Lacrosse Photo Contest #6 ends 12-31-09

Example of how to enter your photo

Team Name:

Description of the photo if you want:

Join our Photo Contest Group for help and news: http://village.simplylacrosse.com/home/ … Group.html

To upload your photo go to the Lacrosse Photos pages in Stickbrain Village http://village.simplylacrosse.com/home/ … hotos.html

Upload your photo.
Name it: photo-contest-6-"your user name"

Now if you want to post it here you can. if you are not sure thats ok. We will accept your entry as long as your photo is uploaded to your photos on our website, and you made this post.

If you feel brave you can:

Paste the image url here:

http://village.simplylacrosse.com/index … p;maxH=530

You can also post from a photo site as well such as Photobucket or Flickr. Just post the link location / url.

To make your photo visible here - Click the image link icon http://village.simplylacrosse.com/components/com_agora/img/agoraBBCode/link_img.png in the tool bar here. Right click your photo and paste your url in this code

http://village.simplylacrosse.com/compo … nk_img.png

([img width=100px height=100px]url goes here[/img)


If you are having trouble don't be afraid to ask here. We will help you.

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Re: Lacrosse Photo Contest #6 ends 12-31-09

Example Entry

Team Name:xyz Lacrosse

Contest Category: Youth

Description of the photo if you want: This photo was taken on a hot summer day.

Photo URL: http://village.simplylacrosse.com/image … 6b973b.jpg

Post your Image here if you want:

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